Hey people, in case you come across this, I’ll be in Korea from the 14th till the 20th. See you guys real soon! Have a Merry Christmas everyone.

Much love,


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The Thing(s) I Want

I want, this. I really REALLY want this.


It’s the Medium white coloured Gucci “Joy” Boston bag with brown trimmings. *SALIVATES* I saw another one, with silver trimmings but didn’t quite like it. I thought brown really makes the bag stand out. Silver reminded me of some ‘space’ bag. Wtf. I never had a liking for silver coloured things anyways (except for make-up).


It’s a night out with the girlies later!

Much love,


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The Office

Deadlines are up, clients are ringing our phones whilst slicing our arses off and words of “fucks” are shot all over the atmosphere. Even cigarettes can’t calm them (my colleagues) down right now. I love my office. Wtf. Zzz.

Help me escape! 😦



*cues dead-tone by bedside patient monitor. wtf*

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Back To Stay

I’m currently at the office, blog hopping. Yes, as I’ve told many of my friends, they kinda pay me to Facebook and blog. Oh Lord, please do not let Aunty Li Ming see this (she’s my boss). Wtf.

I know many of you have missed me and yes, I’m gonna start blogging again. Blog hopping has made me realized how much I miss doing this. We’ll see how long this will last. Haha.

Life hasn’t changed much since I last blogged (I think). I’m currently trying to sort of tons of pictures from my camera to recall whatever crap that I’ve been up to. Up till today, my dear Uncle Tony has still been bugging me to blog about my trip to PD for the Tiesto rave/ Freedom ’08 which was waaaay back in May! Haha. Patience Uncle Tony, patience. 🙂

I guess this post should be all words since I’m at work and there aren’t any pictures with me.

Yes, my birthday was last month. Considering that  I never have a habit of publishing my birthday on Facebook, I was pretty bumped when certain people didn’t wish me. Humph! (And yes, this includes you Dominic Cheah!)

But on the brighter side of things, I had an awesome celebration with my uni mates and of course, the day after, my two precious gems came home from Australia. 🙂

How I spent my birthday this year? Hmm, pretty miserable if you ask me. One of the worst in fact. The night before (the 14th), came home at around 3-ish in the morning. Slept all the way till freaking 4pm, and well, the best part of the day was probably watching Madagascar 2 with Josh at night and had our long overdue chit-chat/catch up session afterwards.

My upcoming agenda would probably be summer school and Christmas. Sadly, I think that someone/something has robbed me of my Christmas mood. 😥 Usually, this is the part of the year that I look most forward to but this time round, nothing!! Double sobs. But the best part of this month is probably our family holiday. Gosh, like, 20 of us will be travelling together to freezing Korea! I CAN’T WAIT TO FREAKING SHOP!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

I’ll be blogging again soon, since I’ve got nothing to do at the office. Leaving for lunch now. Toodles!



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If I Could…

I would shout out your name so it echoes in every room.. I would.

Wtf. Haha. That’s Teddy Geiger’s old oldddd song, “For You I Will”. But it always gets stuck in my head whenever I listen to it.

It’s been about a month since I last blogged. Why you may ask. Was it procrastination? Was it the constant pestering from friends? Or was I just plain lazy? I don’t know really.

Elections have begun. This is much tougher than I thought it would be. It’s like you’re being challenged in every aspect that you can imagine. The toughest thing for me is probably to put our friendship to the test. There were several nights when I got home, I would just shower and then snuggle up under my quilt thinking, “What tomorrow’s ‘test’ is gonna be like..” or maybe.. “How much more of this can I take?..” Really, this is taking a toll on me.

We only have two more days till it all comes to an end. But will we lose our friendship in the process? Not just because of the elections but also because you’ve discovered that you click more with your ‘new friends’ compared to us. That question keeps running through my mind like a broken record.

I’ve never missed you so much Sue and Yee Leng. If I could, I’d fly over there to be with you guys.

And thanks WC, Sue and TY for listening to me rant. (:

2 more days, Michelle. Don’t just give it all up.

Much love,


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TBTB! (Part 2)

Yes yes yes, I will blog soon. I’m pretty busy nowadays so, chill! Will blog soon will blog soon. My birthday wishes to Rachelle Tan! (:



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Back Home

I just got home from a long and tiring trip. Will blog about it, hopefully by tonight if Streamyx allows me to do so. Ta!


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Yes, TBTB is too busy too blog for the slow ones. Picked up the linguo from Xiaxue’s blog.

At the moment, it’s almost 3 PM and I’m supposed to be at Pyramid getting a friend’s birthday present. I’m superbly busy these couple of weeks, thus, the lack of updates. Tomorrow (at freaking 7 am), I’ll be heading to Penang with my family and also Annie’s aaaand also my grandparents in conjunction with St. Anne’s feast. Will be back on Sunday. And you wish that I’ll update this thing when I’m back don’t you? I wish I could to. I’d be having back to back classes on Monday starting from 9 AM right up till 5 PM! And, I’ll be working on Tuesday till the following Sunday (9 AM till 10.30 PM can? Sobs). I’ll try to blog in between if I do have the time. Probably some one-liners.

I promise that I’ll put up my Redang pictures asap!

Oh yes, Happy Birthday Wai Chien! Hope you’ll have a great one. 🙂

Love love love,


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Need A Job?

To protect her privacy, I shall call my supervisor Ms. Hottie.

Ms. Hottie: When can you come in and work again?

Me: Next Thursday lor. My free day. 😀

Ms. Hottie: Aiyah. Do you have any friends who can work between Fridays and Wednesdays?

Me: *Desperately looks through phonebook*

So, you get the picture. My office is in dire need of a part-time worker. And this part-time job is perfect for those who just wanna make use of their lives instead of bumming at home. You can come in as and when they need you, which is maybe 3 to 4 times a week. The working hours are from 9 AM to 5 PM (Usually I go home at 6 PM) and the pay’s RM 5 an hour.

I know it isn’t much but heck, it’s better than earning nothing at all now isn’t it?! Besides, all you are required to do is make phone calls to contest winners! Yes, it’s that easy!

And, you can even choose to take over my day, Thursday. No, you aren’t required to work on Saturdays and Sundays. I think that’s just plain pathetic. By the way, my office is located in SS 19, Subang Jaya.

And and and, if you’re about to start classes soon or if you’re on a short holiday, (e.g. the measly three-week holiday which I was having) don’t fret! You can just come in for a few times and run along with your pay. There are totally no strings attached! How good is that?!

So, to those who are interested, please do not hesitate to call me if you have any enquiries.

If you do not have my contact number, email me at : qwerty.michelle@gmail.com

Most of you should have my number. To unknown readers, email please. But not like my blog has any unknown readers. Wtf. I put my email there just in case laahh! How I knowww, maybe some of you are too shy to talk to me. Wtf.

I can assure you that this is a VERY un-dull working environment. It’s 6 PM now and I can still hear my colleagues laughing so loudly like nobody’s business. Usually, you’d find employees looking so dead right after lunch hour but not at this office! It’s an I-love-you-you-love-me kinda environment. Wtf.

So, do call me asap! Saya menunggu panggilan muuuu! 😀



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Blogging From Work.

Yeah, I’m at the office right now. “Working” it seems. 🙂

Thursdays are my off days. Thus, me at the office.

If you didn’t know, I’ve been working part-time at my aunt’s office since I was 15. And when I mean part-time I mean part-time. I work during the hols, and disappear during the other parts of the year. But for now, I come in as and when I’m needed. Anyway it’s the only place that I’m allowed to work at the moment so, yeah. 🙂

The office has been peaceful so far. The only thing you could hear is probably the continuous ringing of office phones and Panic At the Disco’s “Nine in the afternoon” blaring loudly over the radio (Which I like). Ah yes, how could I forget. And also me, sneezing like there’s no tomorrow. (-.-“) Yes, I’m down with a very bad sinus. Gosh, I find myself annoying really. The constant sneezes and blows aren’t exactly what you’ll expect to hear in a healthy working environment. My colleague’s so worried that I’ll finish up the box of tissue that I’m currently using cuz, well, that’s her last box. HAHA LIVE WITH IT WOMAN AND GO FETCH ME SOME MORE TISSUES!! Guess I’ll have to get some more during my lunch break, which is pretty flexible cuz I can go out whenever I want. There’s no certain time that I have to abide to, so it’s all cool. Wheeee~

Will blog again later when my nose isn’t so runny.

Toodles! XOXO.



P/s: Bye Paper! 😥

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