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I told myself I’ll quit this blogging thing once and for all but, seems that I can still rant a line or two occasionally.

Doubt anyone reads except Mr. C who drops by every once in awhile. 😉 Hello there, Mr. C!

SO much has happened since my last post. But no point penning every line down. Bottom line is, I’m more than happy as of now.

I just dread the day that this all comes to and end. I will miss you, W. And I’ll love you, for a long long time to come.

Funny how you could just ‘love’ someone in such a short spam of time, no? I’ve always told myself that I will never say “I love you” to someone if I didn’t mean it. Heck, believe or not, I have never said those three words to ANY of my boyfriend(s). Not because I was afraid or anything but because those three words mean so much to me that I think twice, and even thrice before I say it. Call me a fool but yeah, that’s what I think.

Anyway, his mom’s in town… for two whole weeks!! Chances of us seeing each other has been reduced by a gazillion percent. Don’t say that I’m not understanding because, you don’t know what we’re going through. 2 weeks is crucial for us.

Had a very long and tiring weekend from the sports carnival. Made a ton of new friends, or should I say, family. I have never worked with such an awesome team before in my 1.5 years of being in the committee. Kudos to everyone, the event was a nuclear bomb, as quoted by my event director. I love you all. (:

Michie’s out!

Much love.


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For You, I Will

I am as happy as I could get. You make me smile, Windy. (: I love you.

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An urge to blog

Hmm. Can’t even remember the last time I logged on to WordPress. Didn’t bother checking either. Somehow I kinda miss doing this despite telling people that I couldn’t bothered about it as I ‘don’t want my life to be publicized on the internet’. Haha, kinda bullshit if you ask me with Facebook and all around. So yup. God knows who still reads this but I’ll just be updating from time to time I guess.

Timetable this semester’s awesome. Am getting Thursdays and Fridays off. 😀 Decided to changed majors after all after contemplating for a period of time. Bye bye Psychology, hello Law! Haha, yes, Law, I know. People always give me ‘that are-you-crazy look’ whenever I tell them I wanna major in law and when they themselves are probably doing accounting of finance. Like, wtf. Haha. Hope I don’t steer off this semester.

Will be updating soon. (:

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