It’s time..

Time that I learn the phrase, “Some things just aren’t meant to be”. I was naive enough to think that you were ‘The One’. I guess I was just like any other girl who fell into this trap. I trusted you, with everything that I had. Yes, I did some mistakes but I did not deserve the kind of pain that I went through. Not after what I’ve done for you. Not after how much I’ve sacrificed for you, not after how much I’ve loved you. You single-handedly betrayed whatever we had, and turned you back against me. Yes, we’re still friends. But lets face it. It’s not real. Ever watched Hachiko? Remember when Richard Gere’s daughter brought her boyfriend home to meet Gere and the boyfriend was trying hard to impress him by going on and on about music? Gere interrupted him and asked, “Do you love my daughter?” And he said, “Yes”. Gere replied, “Try to remember that on the bad days”.

That was what I always did. Held on to the fact that we loved each other no matter what happens. That we’ll brave through everything because I BELIEVED in the love we had. That it was something special, something sacred, something you and I have together, and something that nobody else could have. It was something that belonged to us. And, it’s all gone, because you did not ‘remember the love we had during the bad days’.

What happened between us was not irreversible. But you made it look that way. Why are you so cruel?


March 12, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. anonymous replied:

    hey. this is someone you know in the past… but you didnt know that well .

    i understand that you’re going through a lot, but remember that no matter what happens, things are overcome-able (yeah what a word) and remember no matter what happens, things can improve.

    for every down.. there’s an upside .

    smile, michelle. SMILE =D your smile is the type that brightens up people’s lives. And just so you know… you’re a special and wonderful person in your own right.. and never forget that 🙂

    • michiewong replied:

      I’m 9 months late in replying this (Omg, can get preggers can give birth already lol) as I just saw it and….honestly, I’m quite speechless. I never knew that people still read this and there ARE people who cared…besides my family. anonymousemaildoesntexist, thank you. Whoever you are, being the person that I’ve known in the past but apparently didn’t know too well. If you ever came across this, coffee’s on me and trust me, I’d remember you. Thanks for putting a smile on my face, on this very Friday the 13th. =)

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