3 weeks

3 more weeks, 21 more days. And there goes. The mornings are the worst cuz I’ll think to myself, “it’s one day closer till it happens..”. And my day just goes downhill from there.

Friends have been urging me to let it out, but I think otherwise. Maybe it’s because of the character of the recipient that somehow discourages me. What happens if I let it out? Will I lose a friend? Will I even lose the chance of keeping in touch?

I keep asking myself a ton of questions everyday as to whether or not I should just let it all out. I keep weighing the pros and cons over and over again and at the end of the day, I come back to square one again. Without an answer.

Talked to M earlier about the matter and he actually encouraged me to go ahead with it. Alas, he doesn’t know who the recipient is. If he knew, he might have agreed with me to stay quiet about it. But why am I so discouraged you may ask? Haha, that’s for me to know.

After several hundreds of stiches, I asked myself, “Do you still want to do this?”. S and C have been telling me to just do it, get it over and done with. S even said that if he doesn’t want it, she’ll gladly take it off my hands. Haha. And C told me, “I’ll tie you up if I have to”. Such amazing friends I have. (:

At this point, you might have guessed what I have been ranting and wailing about. Well if you do, perhaps you can understand what this feels like to endure such torture and if you don’t, well, well and fine.

Done for the day.


August 4, 2009. Michie's Daily Ramblings. 6 comments.