An urge to blog

Hmm. Can’t even remember the last time I logged on to WordPress. Didn’t bother checking either. Somehow I kinda miss doing this despite telling people that I couldn’t bothered about it as I ‘don’t want my life to be publicized on the internet’. Haha, kinda bullshit if you ask me with Facebook and all around. So yup. God knows who still reads this but I’ll just be updating from time to time I guess.

Timetable this semester’s awesome. Am getting Thursdays and Fridays off. 😀 Decided to changed majors after all after contemplating for a period of time. Bye bye Psychology, hello Law! Haha, yes, Law, I know. People always give me ‘that are-you-crazy look’ whenever I tell them I wanna major in law and when they themselves are probably doing accounting of finance. Like, wtf. Haha. Hope I don’t steer off this semester.

Will be updating soon. (:


July 30, 2009. 1. Leave a comment.