I So Wanna Blog!

Currently listening to: “I Don’t Wanna Know” by New Found Glory.

But I’m really tired. It’s 12:56 AM right now and I’m wondering if Annie received my Gossip Girls series as I didn’t receive any ‘thank you’ sms. Ish.

I’m bringing my laptop to uni tomorrow so hopefully I’ll find some time to blog about my Singapore trip before I leave for PD.

On a lighter note, I’m happy cuz I found Mr. J (Jamie Cohen), my Psychology lecturer back in college on Facebook! Very excited can?! He was like, THE ULTIMATE lecturer. Nobody could replace him. He was fun and a great teacher all rolled into one. He made sure that he had all these fun activities all prepared for us to make sure we attended class and of course, made us study hard when tests, quizzes and exams were around the corner. If there were a “Teacher of the Year” award, I’d make sure that Mr. J wins it every year. Sadly, he’s back in Canada now.

Tell me, how many of your teachers/lecturers teaches while standing on a chair holding up an ice-hockey stick and wearing an ice-hockey helmet, all while shouting, “I AM CANADIAN!!!” I bet none. (unless you were his student la)

He got the idea from the Molson Canadian Beer Advertisement. Was trying to teach us the culture in Canada if I didn’t remember wrongly. He imitated the guy from the advert so well! You guys should watch the video.

I’m still trying to locate a clear picture of him in my comp. Will do him justice by uploading a good picture of him once he approves me on Facebook. Yay!

I remember doing a project on ‘Working Mums’ and I made this for the finale:

And he gave me this:

I still can remember how widely I smiled to myself when I got it back. Level 4 yo! Haven’t had such good marks in such a long time. To those who didn’t do ICPU, a level 4 is about 75% and above if I didn’t remember wrongly. Mr. J was really, the best. Forgive me for my shiok sendiri moment lah. I can’t help it. This poster is one of the fewer things which made me remember Mr. J so much.

And through him, this was born:

The Wolf Packs

We were nicknamed as the ‘wolves’ back in our class as we were one of the more enthusiastic students and we were always rearing to take part in everything! Mr. J made all of us bond like brothers and sisters and I gained so much from him. Mr. J, although I know you’ll never come across this, you have no idea how much we miss you. 😦

Sorry for making you snooze through my post. I can go on and on about my college days lah. Maaaf!

Okay, it’s now 1:58 AM, I’m gonna go shower and sleep. Business Law lecture at 8 AM tomorrow. Masya Allah.

Good Night!



P/s: Adam, patience. I know Monash almost swept all the titles! Congratulations to everyone. It’s such an honour! I’ll try to blog about it soon. For those of you who did/didn’t the MAPCU foosball tournament, you can get the full event coverage on Adam’s blog, in this post.


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A Big Let Down

Shopping in Singapore has really been a bummer. Well, there were sales but somehow everything looked ugly! Imagine, I was at Vivo City the whole of yesterday and all I got was a new bikini and a pair of shorts all for SGD$ 51.51. Sigh, no new tops or shoes or even bags!

I am really disappointed lah. I’d rather go back and shop in KL honestly speaking.

And to top it all off, I caught the mother of all flu bugs. Imagine, walking around a huge ass shopping mall with tons of shops, covered in a shawl, looking really pale, with a bloody HUGE zit (thanks to Chee Hoe) on my chin, and looking like Rudolph the red-nose reindeer and sneezing non-stop each time a gust of wind hits my skin.


I am very tulan.

Picture adapted from Kenny Sia.

It’s now 1:10 PM. I’m heading over to Ang Mo Kio Hub to give it one last shot. PLEAAASSEEE pray for me that I find something to buy!! 😦

Will blog tonight. Bye!

Much love,


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The Malaysian Association of Private Colleges and Universities (MAPCU) will be hosting a foosball tournament tomorrow (Saturday) at Asia Cafe. Do go watch them and support Monash okay! I’ll burn those of you who support HELP, TCPJ and Sunway. Roar!

Kim Han, Adam, Tee Yew, Eugene, and those who are partnering them and all other Monash players, best of luck. 🙂 I’m majorly bumped that I couldn’t be there to support you guys but heck, we’ll celebrate in PD kays? You boys better make Monash proud! I know you all are super stressed and all la but chill. Imagine that you’re playing against me okay. Confirm sapu all of them! 😉

Left: Eugene and Kim  Han, Right: Adam and Tee Yew at MUSA.

Adam even has time to look at the camera even when he’s training! I know you’re good lah, don’t show off! Roar.

Love from Singapore,


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Hello From Singapore!

Currently listening to: “Something Stupid” by Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman.

Yes yes, I didn’t run away from home nor elope with Chris Evans.

I merely came to Singapore for a weekend getaway. None of you bothered to message to ask how I was except Drene and maybe pathetic Calvin who then proceeded to ask me for souvenirs. Suey even laughed at me and Annie told me not to be so dramatic. TERRIBLE LOR YOU ALL! Roar.

I’m now taking orders for “I Love Singapore” t-shirts. Offer only valid till 12 PM on 3rd of May 2008. Still want your souvenirs?

Singapore is fantastically scorchingly hot at this part of the year. Hopped over to Orchard road today and all I got was a pair of sunglasses from CK Tangs and that also was because I didn’t wanna go home empty handed. My mom, Amy and I bought one each. Saja nak boriah. Heehee. I hope Vivo City wouldn’t let me down tomorrow. I plan to leave the house at 11 AM and come home at 8-ish, shower and then go out to shop again. Did you know Singapore has 24 hour shopping malls? And I’m gonna get a hair-cut. So at least when people ask, “What did you buy?” I can go, “Oh nothing much. I had my hair cut. Did you have a hair cut when you went to Singapore?”

Aha! I bet none of you did! (Unless you had bubblegum stuck to your hair but that’s impossible cuz gum isn’t allowed in Singapore)

I’m currently blogging from a Mac. NOT FUN. It’s so bloody confusing! 

It’s now 1:05 AM. Must sleep in order to be in tip top condition for tomorrow’s marathon!

Wish me luck okay! I might just find a souvenir for you. Heehee.

I’ll try to blog again tomorrow. 



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Goodbye, To All

Currently listening to: “Goodbye To You” by Michelle Wong Branch (Ironic, isn’t it?)

First off, Happy Labour Day to those of you who celebrate it (if your defintion of ‘celebrate’ is sleeping till noon).

I’m leaving my dear friends. I bid you goodbye. I do not know when we might meet again but I hope it’s sometime soon. As to why am I leaving, that shall remain a mystery. I do not wish to speak about it and I do hope you guys will understand about my situation (I know you’re clueless about what’s happening but just pretend that you do and do not ask of any questions) and wish me all the best and pray that I have a safe journey. To those who still wish to keep in contact, there’s Friendster Facebook or you could also email me. Please do not try to contact me on my handphone as it will be turned off.

It was a real pleasure knowing each and everyone of you and I wish you all the best of luck in your future undertakings. Trust me, it is so difficult leaving you all behind and my heart aches each time I think about the fun we’ve had together. I shall not mention names as there are really so many of you whom I treasure with all my heart and I do hope you know who you are. It’s such a shame for those who just got to know me that we have to part for a bit now. Again, I hope that we could meet again. 🙂

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